“I was SEEN, and walked away with tools to help myself. I understand my emotions more clearly than I ever have. I feel more at peace with myself & others. I feel more hopeful and more willing to hope. This program is extraordinary.” ~ Amanda J.

This program is here to meet the collective longing for a more compassionate world.

Blending Buddhist teachings, Western psychology, and neuroscience, this course will give you insights and tools to help you cultivate self-compassion, and navigate internal and external difficulties with more grace and effectiveness. My aim is to offer these essential teachings in the skills of compassion on a global scale large enough to make a real difference in our world. Because all of our problems -- from the personal to the societal and the environmental -- would be better solved if approached through a more compassionate lens.

This course is for you if

  • You have an easy time finding compassion for others but not for yourself.

  • You are "too compassionate" and lack healthy boundaries.

  • You feel emotionally exhausted or are experiencing severe compassion fatigue.

  • The current social and political environment has put a lot of fear and bitterness in your heart.

  • You feel closed off and want to reconnect with your heart and your more loving nature.

  • You have a tendency to be reactionary and defensive, passing judgment quickly and focusing on negativity.

  • You have tenuous personal and professional relationships, and want a healthier way to be with people you find difficult.

  • You want to understand the difference between holding yourself accountable, and beating yourself up.

  • You are looking for a path that transcends the division we see today.

  • You feel alone in your desire for a more caring and compassionate world. (FYI: there are lots of others like you and they will be in this course with you.)

Sliding Scale Tuition

Offering this program on a sliding scale is one of my efforts to bring a greater sense of community to our culture -- meaning a desire for everyone to have what they need. Please do be thoughtful in choosing your sliding scale fee. I promise you this program will be worth far more than the sustainable price of $220 (2 pmts of $110.) I pour the majority of my time into this program. There are also many expenses involved in running this program, from website fees, to this course site, an email program, quiz software, and more. So please consider carefully what you can contribute. I assure you the insights and tools you gather here will last you your lifetime. (The second payment is automatically charged approximately 30 days after enrollment.)

  • 2 x $110 Tuition

    Sustainable Tuition. Your willingness to pay the full tuition covers your way and helps me keep the program going. (I assure you, the value of this course far exceeds the cost.)

  • 2 x $72 Tuition

    Partially Supported Tuition. This tuition is for you if things are financially tight, but not overly scarce.

  • 2 x $48 Tuition

    Substantially supported tuition. This is for those struggling financially. If this tuition is not manageable, please request a scholarship via amillioncompassionatepeople.com

How this course works:

  • We meet on a weekly conference call on Saturdays, from 9 - 10:30am PT, for 6 weeks starting July 1st, 2023. Our calls are recorded so you can listen back to them anytime throughout your 9-month course enrollment. If your time zone or schedule doesn't allow you to attend the live calls, you can still participate fully by listening to the call recordings, doing the weekly practices given, and joining in the conversation in the online community portal.

  • On each call, you’ll receive a substantial new teaching that walks you step by step, in just the right order, towards a life of greater compassion and ease. You’ll also receive journaling prompts, meditations, and real-world exercises to work with between calls, to ensure these teachings are integrated into your lived experience, and not just held intellectually.

  • Like all of my courses, this course is rich with poetry, stories, and the kind of language that will reach you in places deeper than the rational mind, for more lasting understanding and change. It is not a passive or conceptual spiritual course. It will inspire and empower you to live differently.

  • Through our private community portal, you may connect with your fellow classmates to discuss the challenges and successes you’re experiencing around the cultivation of compassion. This supportive community will help you see just how common our struggles are, and allow you to crowdsource solutions to complex interpersonal dilemmas.

This Course Comes With Community

There is a community included with this course. When you enroll, you'll be added to a private network where you can share your thoughts, experiences, insights, and challenges with your classmates as we go through the course together. Then, after you complete this course, you'll be added to the beautiful, widening circle all compassion immersion graduates. This growing Compassion Community is a supportive, safe, and humble community made of people who are committed to creating a more compassionate society, starting with themselves. This community is offered frequent check in and discussion gatherings to help keep the compassion teachings fresh and present. Membership in this Community is free after you've completed this initial 6-Week Compassion Immersion. I'd love to have you with us. We have people from all over the world in this program and we love the diversity of perspectives and experience that brings.

About Your Immersion Guide

Julia Frodahl is a spiritual teacher, and the founder of "Training A Million Compassionate People", a cultural well-being and transformation project that launched in early 2020. She believes that collectively learning the skills of compassion is the calling of our times, and an essential part of the solution to the monumental problems we face. Through this program, she's trained people from all over the globe in the skills of compassion — from across the US, to the UK, France, Pakistan, Norway, Greece, Canada, Spain, and Turkey. Julia holds an honors degree in Philosophy & Humanities from the University of San Francisco, as well as various certifications in the healing arts. She's studied Western psychology (primarily Jungian and Process-Oriented psychology), Buddhism, and nature-based wisdom for over 30 years. Through world travels and walkabouts, she's continuously sought out the kind of wisdom that cannot be learned in the classroom, and has made it her life’s work to understand the human psyche and spirit deeply.

Invite A Friend Or Family Member

This immersion is a beautiful process to go through with friends and family members. In doing so, you’ll have someone close to process these life-changing ideas with, to share this more compassionate outlook on life with, and your bonds will become stronger and more enduring. Please consider inviting someone you love to enroll with you.

More Testimonials

This course is enchanted with theory, poetry, and community for everyone to learn and engage with.

Sarah B.

"This course really allowed me to tap on the door of my heart. I felt skillfully guided by the thoughtful material and lifelong work Julia shares so gently with the group. Practicing the meditations enriched my daily life, even on the days I wasn't able to sit still enough to meditate. Over the course of six weeks I began to listen to the voice of compassion in myself and in others more deeply. This course is enchanted with theory, poetry, and community for everyone to learn and engage with."

I am so thankful to Julia for her dedication to spreading compassion as a way to address our world’s many challenges.

Jen B.

“I did not know what to expect when I signed up for Julia’s compassion class, and now I wish everyone could experience it. Julia walked us through a series of teachings about the self, compassion, and what it means to be part of our larger world that built upon each other week by week. This process enabled me to understand things about myself and others slowly, an excavation of sedimentary layers of personal and social experiences and beliefs that have shaped our lives. Julia’s integration of Eastern philosophy and Western psychology resonated with me in ways that each set of teachings on its own had not. I am so thankful to Julia for her dedication to spreading compassion as a way to address our world’s many challenges. I look forward to continuing my compassion journey with her.”

[This class] helped me see the human condition, my own and others, with tenderness and open-heartedness.

Alana B.

"This class really helped me see my daily struggles in a new way. It helped me see the human condition, my own and others, with tenderness and open-heartedness. I feel warm, inspired to care for myself in a deeper and more loving way, and able to care for others without fear that it will deplete me. It reminded me that true happiness is possible and worth opening my heart to when it comes, and that deep within me, all of these sweet, loving qualities are asleep and dreaming the most beautiful dreams, and that they can awaken and be called forth at any moment."

I needed this. We all need this.

Katie W.

"I needed this. We all need this. Never has the time for cultivating true compassion been more necessary for our lives and our planet. Weekly group lessons, guided by Julia’s long-developed practice, were rich with wisdom that helped me to shift the way I’m willing to encounter myself and others. The homework assignments and meditations helped me to stay accountable, so that I could put Metta Bhavana, loving kindness, on its feet and slow down, as I learned through actual experience, not just theory, how to trust in the wisdom of my own heart. Another Julia gift. She gives you the words, so you can eventually release them to the winds, and feel for a change."

This course changed my life.

Tiffany C.

"This course changed my life. I finally get how important it is to treat myself like a friend, and how this goodness will just ripple out. Something in me feels lighter, and life feels easier these days. I'm especially grateful that my mom took this course with me, and that she was as moved as I was by it ("paradigm shift" were her words), and that we have a shared understanding now of how to relate to each other and our world. I wish every person in the world had access to these teachings."

The anchor that I needed.

Jessica F.

"Julia's Compassion Immersion course came at a time of crisis and struggle for me both personally and in the world at large. It has been the anchor that I needed to help center myself each week, connect, relate, learn and gain new tools to be more compassionate for myself and others. Julia has an immense breadth of knowledge and wisdom - every word, reading, meditation and message of advice or support she offers cuts right to the heart - she has a special and gentle way about her that is truly magical. This course will encourage you to discover where you can have more compassion for yourself and others, and how our fear, judgements, anger, resentments and insecurities keep us from living as our most loving and compassionate selves. It will inspire you to want to dig deeper and implement Julia's rich teachings more into your daily life. I'm so grateful to Julia for creating this course and look forward to continuing my journey in the Level 2 immersion!"

If there were a way to gift the experience to the entire world I would.

Kate T.

I cannot overstate how powerful this course is. If there were a way to gift the experience to the entire world I would. Down to earth and rooted in modern psychology, with offerings of more ancient wisdom interwoven, this course is for anyone who wants to be a better human.

A deep dive into the wells of ourselves we pass by every day without peering into.

Diana W.

"Julia's compassion class is a deep dive into the wells of ourselves we pass by every day without peering into. Plumbing the boundless capability within all of us to not just endure the challenges of life, but to float within the river of it, our course made gentler by our own work done to remember our innate buoyancy. Her guidance provides a tool, and a lifeview, for navigating the world and recognizing the poetry and possibility of the human condition."

I learned so much about unconditional love (yes, there is such a thing) and the obstacles in its way.

Julie G.

"This course was eye opening and life changing. I learned so much about unconditional love (yes, there is such a thing) and the obstacles in its way. The insight and tools Julia shared with us relating to anger, judgment, forgiveness, and more have already positively affected my relationships with others, and more importantly, with myself. What a worthwhile investment!!"

Julia has opened up the meaning of compassion for me.

Karen B.

"Julia has opened up the meaning of compassion for me, especially the need for self-compassion. Her gentle manner, her insightful and challenging questions, and her genuine care for each of us and our development have inspired and supported me on this essential journey. I feel so grateful I discovered her NOW!"

Questions people often have before enrolling:

  • My problem is that I have too much compassion. How will your course help me?

    Many of us don't understand how complex and dynamic compassion can be. This course will help you see that compassion can be offered as a firm and loving "no", as much as it can be offered as a "yes", because compassion is ultimately interested in reducing suffering and the things that cause suffering. This course will help you understand the many different forms of expression that compassion can take, and make it clear to you that enabling a person's hurtful or harmful behavior (including towards you) is not actually compassionate because it increases suffering. This course will help you see boundary setting in an empowering new way.

  • I feel like some people don't deserve compassion. Why should I spend my time cultivating compassion for selfish or difficult people?

    In this course, we're really focused on results: the reduction of suffering and the healing of ourselves and the world. While there are times that our judgments, frustrations, and resentments may be perfectly understandable, the actions we take (or don't take) from those states of being unfortunately only make problems worse. They don't create a path or possibility for healing and tranformation. They also feel terrible in our own bodies. Inside the course, I'll give you lots of examples of how compassion has transformed even the most entrenched conflicts. And I'll help you get clear on the different forms of expression that compassion can take, including healthy anger, in service of its unwavering commitment to reducing suffering and the causes of suffering.

  • Compassion is too hard and I feel too exhausted. How can this course help me?

    I really sympathize with this feeling. What I think is important to understand is that it's really our current way of responding to difficulties (as well as our misunderstanding of what compassion is and how it's supposed to look), that are causing the exhaustion. When applied skillfully, compassion is easeful. Sometimes it's more difficult in the immediate term, especially as we're learning. But in the long term, it's a much much easier way to live. This course will give you the skills and insights to be more easeful with your compassion. It will also give you a clear roadmap to follow for compassion when it's difficult, so that you're not always sacrificing yourself or depleting yourself. Stable and authentic compassion must always start with ourselves, and we must first learn to love ourselves enough to allow for that.

  • At what time are the live class calls?

    Our live calls take place on Saturday mornings, from 9-10:30am PST.

  • What if I miss a call or two?

    It's perfectly fine if you miss a call or two. Our calls are recorded so you can always listen back to them later.

  • For how long will I have access to the call recordings and other course materials?

    You'll have access to the call recordings and other course materials for 9 months from the course start date.

  • What is your refund policy?

    This program has been meticulously crafted to give you a life-changing experience. But if you enroll and find that it's not for you, simply email us and we'll refund you in full up to 10 days into the course, no questions asked. We want you to feel confident that there's absolutely no risk in joining this program. Only a path to ease, happiness, and wisdom.